Art Santa Fe - Day One

And so we flew in couple of days ago to beautiful New Mexico where I’m taking part in the Art Santa Fe art fair, and where we’ll be trying to find homes for lots of good artwork at the fair, which is being held this year from July 10-13, 2008 at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe and right across the street from Site Santa Fe.

After spending a day in Albuquerque, on Wednesday we checked into the fair and checked our booth spaces. The whole area around the fair site is a whirlwind of construction as new art sites, art buildings, etc. continue to populate this area of the city.

At the fair, it was a beehive of work as shiipers unloaded crate after crate of artwork and gallerists from 19 countries checked in. All of our crates were waiting for us at booth 52, and right away I realized that (as usual) I had shipped too much work. In fact, I probably shipped about twice as much work as I should have.

Somehow though, we hired Reed (an art installer) to help us open all the crates and begin hanging the work. Somehow everything was unpacked and then we had the crates removed.

Because the storage area at the fair site didn’t open until 5 PM (memo to fair organizers, the storage site should be open and manned at all times), it was an interesting chess game moving around all the extra work while isolating what work to hang for the opening tonight.

The press preview is today at 3:30PM, and then the grand private opening for collectors is an hour later. Keep checking in - there will be lots more later as I tell you how the opening gala went!

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