In Brooklyn: destroying our past

My old neighborhood church in Brooklyn, Our Lady of Loretto, which also had a convent and an elementary school, is apparently being slated for demolition, as the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn has decided that Our Lady of Loretto, regardless of its architectural beauty and historical place in Brooklyn, is no longer worthy of remaining open and will surrender the property to the City of New York which has plans to demolish the church.
You can help by signing a petition here to declare Loretto a historical landmark; please sign it here.

The church was built originally by Italian immigrants who lived in the neighborhood, not by the Catholic Church. Stanley Molinari was our next door neighbor and I believe that it was his father who donated the land so that the church could be built.

By the way check out these mugs and see if you can find me in the class of 1970.

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  1. February 2, 2009 @ 5:01 pm

    Jim Pantaleno Said,

    I often attended Our Lady of Loretto…I was born in the same block and remember the feasts where they carried the statue through the streets and people pinned money to it. I remember the pastor, Father Baretta, who ran the church like a gulag. It was great to see the photo you posted. Thanks.


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