Campello: Let me begin

And so it begins, a whole new experiment and experience in the visual arts blogsphere for all of us (and hopefully many of you) as three of us begin to cooperate in this new art blog and write, review, comment, complain, gossip, discover and create a new digital footprint in the arena of the visual arts.

I’m going to start by doing something that I do well: telling you a little about who Campello is.

I am a practicing artist, a regularly and widely published freelance art critic, a former gallerist (looking to soon open a new gallery), an art dealer and an overall big mouth. If you live anywhere near the Greater Washington, DC area, you can often hear me on NPR discussing art issues. If you live anywhere in the Spanish speaking world, you can also hear me once in a while on the Voice of America. Elsewhere, once in a while you can see me discussing art on the syndicated TV program “ArtsMedia News.”

And since 2003 I have been blogging about art over at Daily Campello Art News.

Here I hope to expand my opinions, ideas, criticism, gossip, reviews, agenda, biases and thoughts to an ever expanding audience while getting paid to do so and being given a completely free reign and without any obligations to the site’s sponsor!

Life is good; Come back often!

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  1. May 23, 2008 @ 10:15 am

    Annette Said,

    So since Lenny did a bit of an intro I just decided to jump right in on a post. Hope it doesn’t seem to abrupt. . . if you want to know about me check out my little bio/google my name. Cheers!

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