What’s An ARTtistic?

It’s you. It’s us. It’s anyone who truly enjoys art and culture in all their wonderful, boundless forms.

Mind’s Eye Art Storage is giving us this outstanding forum to share for a reason that rings with poetry: Mind’s Eye Art Moving is all about art appreciation — and so are we.

And so are you.

Hence, this art blog. A place for all of us, and a place that’s dedicated to the world of art, including opinions, passions and yes, appreciation.

We like to think that our particular ARTtistic sensibilities (talking about the three of us) will be right at home here. The fact is, together we offer years of experience as curators, teachers, writers…and artists. To put it another way, we live and breathe art and what it means to life.

So as we navigate the art world around America, at shows, events and all kinds of happenings, we’ll be sharing our observations right here — with you. We sincerely hope that you’ll take advantage and do the same. Share this wonderful space with us!

Call it wide open communication on topics of import and interest to all. Or call it a great way to indulge in artistic exploration and expression. Then again, just call it an ARTtistic thing to do.

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